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represent many diverse homelands. What they have in common is that they each belong to the School of Paris.They are artists who lived and worked there for at least part of their lives, and were inspired by all that Paris offers. These brief biographies highlight achievements from their careers.

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ALVAR (Spain)
Alvar, studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona. In 1959 he moved to Paris and soon began painting there. His first group of paintings were exhibited at Drouant Galleries and sold out in one week. One-man and group shows in Paris, Barcelona, New York, London, Lisbon, Tokyo. Among awards: First Prize for young painters in Barcelona, First Prize "Maillol Circle."

le CURIEUX (France)
le Curieux's original work appeared in the Salon d'Automne and Salon Taverny and repeated one-man shows in Paris. He was awarded the Gold Medal in an Austrian competition, Silver and Bronze Medals in French competitions.

EMPI, Maurice (France)
Maurice Empi, a painter as well as a lithographer, has exhibited in Stockholm, London, San Francisco and New York. In 1964, Paris honored him with the Bronze Medal of the City.

GUILLARD, Rene (France)
Rene Guillard achieved consummate artistry when he began working with lithography in 1903. In his own lithographic shop on the outskirts of Paris he passed along to many younger artists the techniques acquired over many years.

LAMBERT, Georges (France)
Georges Lambert was
educated at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris. He studied lithography with world-renowned Hervieux, (one of the greatest lithographers of all time). Lambert achieved preeminence in lithographs, pastels and water colors. His art has been collected and exhibited internationally in many countries including France, England, Germany, Italy and the United States.

MENTOR, Blasco (Spain)
An outstanding contemporary artist, his works are included in numerous collections and hang in museums in Madrid, Paris, New York, London, Moscow, Barcelona.

MURAYAMA, Shizuka (Japan)
Left Japan for Paris in 1945. Since then his works have been bought by the cities of Tokyo and Paris, and among his many prizes is that from the President of the French Republic.

NASTASIO, Alessandro (Italy)
Attracted wide attention in Italy, where he won the gold medal of the President of the Republic. His prints have been purchased by the Louvre in Paris and by the Communal Library and the Sforza Castello collections in Milan.

PLISSON, Andre (France)
Winner of a number of prizes (Prix de Rome, Prix de la Casa de Velasquez, Prix Othon Friez, Prix Eugene Carriere) he has exhibited in New Orleans and in Houston and, of course, widely in France.

QUINTANA, John (France)
Studied at the Beaux Arts School in Paris. Has exhibited in Paris at the Museum of Modern Art and Salon Nationale. One-man shows in Algiers, New York, Chicago. In private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

REUTHER, Waldemar (Germany)
A student of Fernand Leger, he has exhibited in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Zurich, New York, Paris, London, and all major cities of Germany. He won first prize at the Vienna Festival.

TAM (Vietnam)
Born in Vietnam in the twenties, left that country as a teenager to study art in Paris. He is a prolific and accomplished painter, decorator and sculptor. He has exhibited both in the West and in the East.

TAUBERT, Bertoldo (Italy)
Was born into an artistic family (his father was portraitist of Victor-Emannual III and Pope Pius XI). When he was a child his father moved the family to Paris. He has special interest in religious and ceremonial subjects and has exhibited in Paris, New York, Chicago and Miami.

TOURTE, Suzanne (France)
A native of Champagne, her works hang in the museums of Paris, Prague, Warsaw, New York, Athens, Cincinnati, Baltimore, Reims.

UBEDA, Romero (Spain)
Studied at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid. Commenced exhibiting and winning prizes in 1949. In museums in Paris, San Diego, Boston, Philadelphia. In private collections in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Spain, France, U.S., among other countries.

VAN MOE, Henri (The Netherlands)
He has created frescos and mosaics in many public buildings, and has held showings in Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Rouen, Benidorm

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